NEW YOGA SHRED CLASS = YOGA HIIT fusion = FIT , fierce & fabulous!!!!!!!


Introducing Penny


I am a wife, mum & yoga teacher in my mid forties.  I live and practice Core Strength Vinyasa (CSV) Yoga in Whitchurch, Hampshire. 

As an award winning yoga teacher my passion and belief is that through yoga a healthy body and mind can be cultivated.

My yoga classes in Whitchurch & surrounding villages are ideal for both beginners and experienced students.

With specific poses and and sequences my classes are designed to help students understand their core and improve alignment connecting the body and mind.

To find out about my yoga classes in Overton, Whitchurch, and surrounding villages give me a call on 07786 959394


I am committed to ongoing yoga training to give my students the best yoga experience & to enhance my personal yoga journey

I am a Qualified CSV Yoga Teacher & Yoga SHRED Teacher


I also won a really cool Award in 2019 Muddy Stillettoes Winner - Best Yoga Teacher in Hampshire & IOW

CSV Yoga, Yoga Chill & Yoga SHRED


  Core Strength Vinyasa flow class is a non linear, dynamic, core integrated, spine and breath aware practice. CSV is focused on accessing and activating our deep inner and outer core muscles during yoga poses.

Empowering, creative, flowing, spiritual, unique, mindful, inclusive, fun. . .

Rock up & Shine Bright!

 Yoga Chill  - time to unwind & relax

Inspired by gentle movement &Yoga Nidra providing a space to listen  & connect with yourself

Get FIT FASTER with Yoga SHRED - Yoga & HIIT fusion

Fierce, fun & empowering!

Experience a full body cardio workout, muscle flexibility & tone & increased stamina.

to find out more call me NOW